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Antisemitism is at an all time high, and Holocaust knowledge and awareness is declining.


We made a solution to this.


The digital generation has been ignored for so long that digital platforms got so bad; Report after report, it displays the increase of hate in video games and social media.


Video Games are the biggest shaper of culture nowadays — bigger than movies and music combined.


Luc Bernard saw this problem, and is the first and only person in the Holocaust education space to focus on video games by making The Light in the Darkness, this educational video game has been received positively by the press and encouraged by educators.


We aim to focus on areas where no one is focusing on, such as parts of America that don’t have access to Museums or Holocaust education. 

By releasing The Light in the Darkness for free and self funding the project, we have decided to open up donations so the public and corporations can join us in what will become the biggest Holocaust awareness project in video games.


It’s time for new solutions, rather than to let Antisemitism and Holocaust denial grow larger. 

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