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Interactive experiences to the power of meaning

Why we are here

Video games can tell profound, meaningful and universal stories of tragedy and triumph that are more realistic and gut-wrenchingly impactful.


Our mission is to connect each new generation with the experiences of those who lived during one of the greatest atrocities in the history of the world - the Holocaust. We convey the painful, tragic, real-life stories in vivid detail, and we keep them alive in the hearts and minds of generations to come by teaching their stories in ways that will help others learn, and help humanity avoid repeating its worst mistakes. 

We create the most immersive storytelling experiences using what some might consider a non-traditional medium: Gaming. By enabling game players to experience the memories of those who were forced to live and die during this tragic time, we keep our audiences more engaged and make the messaging more effective. We want people to come away feeling inspired to ask questions, to learn more, and to tell others about these important stories.


This is how we are connecting as one humanity across generations. This is how we are building a lasting legacy to ensure that these Voices will not be forgotten.

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